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Short Course in Drafting and Negotiating International Debt Contracts

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Short Course in Drafting and Negotiating International Debt Contracts


Course Dates: 18 July 2022

Fee: $2 000 (Hybrid) R32 325 (Hybrid) OR $1 160 (Online) R18 750 (Online)

Application Closing Date: 4 July 2022

Application Requirements: Prospective delegates should at least have a Diploma and/or a Degree.

Mode of Delivery: In-person (London, UK) & Online 


The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the management of the sovereign debt of many countries (especially in Africa) which were already experiencing debt repayment difficulties and has accentuated the need for sovereign debt sustainability.

This course aims to fill the capacity gaps in national treasuries, debt management institutions, and state-owned enterprises and to broaden the pool of officials and lawyers qualified to draft and negotiate international debt agreements. This will be achieved through introducing new delegates to the key techniques of negotiating debt agreements and updating the skills of experienced debt management practitioners. This eight-session course offered on a modular basis introduces participants to the international capital markets, examines how a loan agreement is structured and what are its standard clauses, discusses special provisions in bank loans and bond issues, and addresses issues related to guarantees, contingent liabilities and collateralized debt. The course may also be of interest to private sector lawyers.


This course is ideal for government officials, private sector lawyers, debt management practitioners, policy makers, financial analysts, junior-mid level officials and practitioners of fifinance from developed and developing countries.


The course will include the following topics:

Module 1: Introduction to the International Capital Market

Module 2: Anatomy of a Loan Agreement

Module 3: Standard clauses

Module 4: Special provisions in Bank loans

Module 5: Special provisions in Bond issues

Module 6: Guarantees, Contingent liabilities and Collateralized Debt

Upon completion of this course delegates should be able to: 

  • The nature and potential implications of different clauses in international debt contracts.
  • Taylor debt agreements to reflect the specific needs of their clients.
  • Become an effective International Debt Contracts Negotiator  


The Short Course in Drafting and Negotiating International Debt Contracts, led by one of the world’s leading experts on sovereign debt, sovereign debt restructuring, and the drafting and negotiation of international loan agreements, Mr. Lee Buchheit, provides a comprehensive overview of drafting and negotiating international debt contracts. Mr. Buchheit spent over three decades advising governments around the world on debt-related issues and is also the author of How to Negotiate Loan Agreements.

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