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Enhancing Trade and Industrial Development - A Game Changer For Africa’s Growth

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On behalf of the GIZ regional project “Promotion of the rule of law and judiciary in Africa,” the ILI- South African Centre for Excellence would like to officially invite you to partake in a 2-day webinar on the AfCFTA agreement, on Tuesday May 25 and Wednesday May 26, 2021. The 2-day virtual conference features 7 panel discussions with a total of 23 experts, discussing key aspects of the agreement and its role in enhancing Africa's economic development.  African trade and international experts, Legal experts, Tax authorities, Representatives from African and international business, and regional trade blocs are all invited.

Spaces are limited and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Click here to register. (Please include your designation, title, organisation and country in the message box.)

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Theme: “Enhancing Trade and Industrial Development - A Game Changer for Africa’s Growth” #AfCFTA21

Date: Tuesday 25th May – Wednesday 26th May 2021

Time: 09.00 AM – 16.30 PM (GMT), 12.00 – 19.30 (GMT+3), 05.00 – 12.30 (EST)


Format: The conference will host 7 panel discussions over 2 days with renowned experts from Africa and across the globe representing the trade sector, business, government, women, youth and academia.

Objective: The conference hosted under the auspices of the AfCFTA will sensitize a cross section of key African stakeholders and lawyers on the importance of the agreement in enhancing Africa’s economic development.

The Agreement calls on member states to allow tariff-free entry of goods (90%) requiring free access to commodities, goods and services across Africa – substantially increasing intra Africa trade as a result.

The conference is a pivotal opportunity for legal and trade practitioners, policy makers and the business community to influence the successful roll out of the AfCFTA ensuring national and regional mainstreaming of the Agreement through an African-wide network.

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Rules of Engagement

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  2. Be mindful of background noise - When your microphone is not muted, avoid activities that could
  3. Timing- Participants should log into the virtual meeting room 15 mins before the start of the webinar.
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See you there! #AfCFTA21