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Among the issues to be addressed in ILI-SACE’s Executive Education Programmes are the following:

  1. The relationship between law, legal policy, regulation, and lawyers on the one hand, and business enterprises, commercial policy and business executives on the other.
  2. Opportunities for and challenges facing public-private partnerships.
    Legal relationships between and approaches to managing private and public sector institutions.
  3. Effective governance in private and public entities, including ensuring integrity.
  4. Anti-corruption and corporate crimes.
  5. Lawyering skills and changes in legal practice and the legal professions.
  6. Trade, investment and infrastructure development in Africa.
  7. Understanding the goals of prospective trade and investment partners from abroad and their home country governments and the risks and pitfalls to be avoided.
  8. Alternative dispute resolution.
  9. Impact of Fintech on the development of private and public enterprises.
  10. Effective laws, regulation and leadership to weather disruption.

The ILI-SACE will offer a series of courses beginning in the first quarter of 2024. The following is an initial set of courses to be offered by the Institute with its partners.