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Marian Hagler is an outside General Counsel and former international law firm partner with deep, global experience in the development of natural resource (O&G and mining) and related infrastructure. Marian takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving, deal negotiation and closing. Marian also has advised extensively on FCPA and AML and other compliance matters. She also regularly provides training to government officials in emerging markets on natural resource development and host government strategies. Marian has practiced in Washington, DC, London and Russia, and worked on projects throughout Russia, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America. She is currently an independent legal advisor based in Denver, CO. She brings over 20 years of large law firm experience and 6 years of in-house experience, in government and industry. She previously worked at Dentons, Baker & McKenzie LLP and Coudert Brothers LLP. Prior to that she was an attrorney and advisor in the Office of the General Counsel – International Affairs of the United States Department of the Treasury.  Ms. Hagler is licensed to practice in New York, DC, Colorado and England & Wales.