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Artificial Intelligence for Lawyers

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Artificial Intelligence for Lawyers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science focused on enabling machines, particularly computers, to perform tasks that previously required human intelligence. AI programming focuses on learning, reasoning, self-correction, problem-solving, and creativity. AI has the potential to change how lawyers in various sectors of the profession work - in private practice, in government, as in-house counsel, in the judiciary.

Course Dates 

1 week:   February 5 - 9, 2024

2 weeks: February 5 -16, 2024


1 week:   $2,245

2 weeks: $4,200

Additional Inclusions

  • Course materials, including a resource booklet
  • Lunch and refreshments provided daily
  • Access to post-course online resources and alumni network



Programme Outline

This course will discuss the following:
1. What is AI and how does it work?
2. How various non-law professions and business enterprises are using AI
3. AI governance - the regulatory systems
4. How lawyers are using AI in law practice and the skills needed and the challenges in
adopting AI
5. AI and torts - the case of autonomous auto-mobiles
6. AI and contracts
7. AI and intellectual property
8. AI in litigation
9. For in-house counsel: can AI detect and eliminate corporate fraud?
10. AI and office management
11. AI and professional liability
12. I am not a robot. But if I am, can a robot be a legal person?
13. Would a robot be able to replace the instructor in this course?
14. The ethics of AI – can AI be programmed to be ethical? And can AI be used to detect
fraud in business enterprises and government?

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