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Intensive Training in Aviation Law, Finance, and Insurance

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Intensive Training in Aviation Law, Finance, and Insurance

This condensed program is designed to provide a rigorous, comprehensive overview of aviation law, finance, and insurance, catering to professionals who wish to gain in-depth knowledge in a short time frame. The course balances theoretical learning with practical application, encouraging active participation and engagement with industry experts.

Target Audience

  • Aviation professionals
  • Legal practitioners
  • Finance and insurance professionals in aviation
  • Graduate students in related fields

Course Format

  • Daily sessions: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Combination of lectures, workshops, and panel discussions
  • Case studies and group activities
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of aviation law, finance, and insurance
  • Apply knowledge to real-world scenarios in the aviation industry
  • Develop skills in risk assessment, legal analysis, and financial management within the aviation context

Course Duration and Costs 

1 week:   $2,200

2 weeks: $4,400

Additional Inclusions

  • Course materials, including a resource booklet
  • Lunch and refreshments provided daily
  • Access to post-course online resources and alumni network


Week 1: April 22 - 26, 2024

Week 2: April 29 - May 3, 2024



Course Advisor

Sarangua Davaadorj (Sara) is an international business development executive, lawyer and banker with over twenty-five years of working in Asia, USA and UK and travelled in over sixty countries with a number of assignments. She graduated from Moscow State University law faculty in USSR in 1990 with highest honours and from Harvard Law School in 1993 becoming the first Mongol woman to graduate from Harvard University.

Since then, she was involved in multiple cross-border transactions involving energy, mining, oil/gas and infrastructure investments in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. She has first-hand- experience in working in emerging markets concurrently assisting with legal infrastructure, financing and training.

Sara worked as a Government official in Mongolia managing transition into a market economy and setting up new institutional structure within the Government, negotiating first mining and energy agreements, as a World Bank consultant in Washington, DC designing new legal infrastructure for East Asia, as a research fellow in Hawaii, USA on energy and resource policies in Asia- Pacific, as a business development director in an NGO in the USA managing the US Government and IFI projects and designing training programs for officials from developing countries, as a project manager at an African-owned merchant bank in London and her own corporate finance firm that structured financing for Russian, Central Asian and Mongolian oil and mining companies. She also successfully negotiated several aviation leasing and aircraft purchase deals between the US-based Lessors and Mongolia-based airlines that involved complex structures that allow the AC financed by the US Exim Bank fly to DPRK operated by the Mongolian national carrier and export of aircraft out of the US.

Until January 2013 she was Senior Advisor to the Standard Chartered Bank in London in their origination transactions in Asia and Europe. She was instrumental in organising political support, managing multiple teams and mobilising support of number of decision-makers for the Bank entrance into the newer markets.

Sara is a native speaker of Russian and Mongolian.

Currently, she is based in Ulaanbaatar and London, being involved in the projects between Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, and China. She also serves as an international Consultant to Covington and Burling, Washington, DC firm and is assisting with the transactions involving infrastructure developments between Russia, Central Asia and China.

Sara served on several Boards including state-owned Mongolian Stock Exchange and Petromatad Limited, London AIM-listed company.

From May 2015, she served as a Special Counsel to CASA-1000 Project, electricity transmission between Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and worked with four state-owned national electricity and energy companies from four countries. In 2018 she served as a Management Advisor on restructuring of the largest SOE in Mongolia under the ADB project. From 2017 she became an independent member to the Council on Support of Investment at the Prime Minister’s Office in Mongolia and from 2019 Senior Advisor to the Asset Management Fund, organising new sovereign financing.

Day 1: Foundations of Aviation Law

  • Morning Sessions: Introduction to Aviation Law; International Aviation Organizations; Key Treaties and Agreements.
  • Afternoon Sessions: Aviation Safety and Security Regulations; Passenger Rights and Liability Issues.
  • Workshop: Case study analysis on a landmark aviation legal case.

Day 2: Aviation Finance Essentials

  • Morning Sessions: Overview of Aviation Finance; Sources and Structures of Aviation Capital.
  • Afternoon Sessions: Aircraft Leasing and Financing; Airline Financial Planning and Analysis.
  • Interactive Activity: Simulation exercise on structuring an aircraft financing deal.

Day 3: Advanced Topics in Aviation Finance

  • Morning Sessions: Financial Risk Management in Aviation; Hedging Strategies.
  • Afternoon Sessions: Credit Risk and Revenue Management in Airlines.
  • Group Activity: Analyzing financial statements of a major airline.

Day 4: Principles and Practices of Aviation Insurance

  • Morning Sessions: Introduction to Aviation Insurance; Types of Policies and Coverage.
  • Afternoon Sessions: Underwriting and Risk Assessment in Aviation Insurance.
  • Panel Discussion: Insights from aviation insurance experts.

Day 5: Risk Management and Industry Trends

  • Morning Sessions: Claims Handling and Liability in Aviation Insurance; Emerging Trends (Drones, AI).
  • Afternoon Sessions: Comprehensive Risk Management Strategies; Case Studies of Aviation Accidents and Insurance Responses.
  • Closing Workshop: Developing a risk management plan for a hypothetical airline scenario.







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